Tulare Western High School
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Mustang Athletics

We’re pleased to offer our students a variety of athletics choices to round out their education. Participation in team (or individual) sports strengthens the mind as well as the body, develops leadership skills, and teaches our students critical social skills.

Our athletics program is a source of school and community pride, and we welcome all to come out and share in our excitement. Your support matters, whether as a teammate, a member of the booster club, or a fan cheering on our athletes from the sidelines.

Participation Requirements

All student athletes must attend school at Western High and maintain a 2.0 GPA to be eligible to play on any Western athletics teams. All athletes must also complete a yearly physical examination before being approved for participation. This examination, coupled with a complete registration packet, allows athletes to participate on all upcoming sports teams and in our summer camps.

Register Online

You can now register online! Simply create an account at FamilyID and follow the online prompts. You’ll only have to register once during your child’s entire Mustang career. (But do remember to keep your information current.)

Once you’ve created an account and received your activation email, return to the FamilyID website and select “Find Programs” in the navigation bar. Type “Tulare Western” in the organization box and click the file for “Athletics Registration.” After completing the form, you’ll receive an email receipt from FamilyID. (Don’t forget to save the form before exiting!)

In order to speed the registration process, have these items handy:

  • Student school ID
  • Physician's name, address, and phone
  • Health insurance information
  • Emergency contact information
  • Medical history